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How do you imagine enjoying your photography? A Box or Album for the coffee table, or to fill your walls in frames or canvases? Box/AlbumFrame/CanvasBOTH

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Where would you like to display your artwork in your home?
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If you can please upload a photo of the wall/s you'd like to fill and tell me what that room is used for and colour tones you want for this room (e.g nursery warm tones reds oranges, bedroom blues and purples etc...).

Tape an A4 paper to the wall. Back up far enough to include furniture and other room elements that will give a sense of scale to final image. Then take the image straight on to the wall and not on an angle. This provides the most accurate visualisation so I am able to show you examples of what frames could look like on that wall when you view you gallery.
(This has a 10mb limit so you can discuss emailing me if you have a few walls)

Names & Birthdays of all the people in the photography session (fill in Newborn Details below if applicable)

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Please write here anything you would like me to know about what is important to you in your session
For example: My priority is to get a 5 generation shot to frame for the wall, and I'd like close ups of each grandchild. I have a scar on my left leg that I do not want retouched. I have a large living room wall that is bare that I would like to fill could you show me some examples of 5 on this wall I uploaded of my nursery.

Describe things that are unique to you or your family. Do you/your family/children have any habits or interesting character traits? Is there a special daily routine, or even a facial expression that is decidedly "you/them?"

What books, movies, songs, cartoon characters or toys are your child's favorite? Are there any special requirements/personality characteristics that I should know about?

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What is so special about this momentous time in your life? What feelings do you most hope to capture?

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