Who do you want to be photographed with?

Celebrate yourself and show the power of you.

Or have you just had a baby and you want to capture those first few days when they are all snuggly and sleepy having cuddles with mum and dad.

Or involve the whole family

Even invite the grandparents

Or discuss with the photographer to have an extended whanau session with all your brothers and sisters kids too


Where do you want to be photographed?

I choose to photograph my clients on location because our landscape is absolutely stunning and is very much a part of us as New Zealanders so why not celebrate that! When you look at your photos I want you to see your grandmas seat in the backyard, hear the sounds of your flowing river, feel the same love you felt when your husband proposed in your first home, so I encourage you include one of these places of importance in your session as they are a significant part of your special story. Take the time to discuss different location options so we can find the perfect one for you.

What style of Session suits your whanau?

Not any one family is the same so I always discuss what style of session you would all feel most comfortable with Relaxed Lifestyle, Classic Traditional or real life Storyteller portraits.

Relaxed Lifestyle Portraits

This style is the most popular. I give you a little direction but then I let you interact together and do things you normally do to play and show love to eachother then I show you what I see. These sessions tend to show out a lot more amusement, engagement, bond and feelings.

Traditional Classic Portraits


These portraits are timeless. These are slightly more posed and more direction is given this tends to produce more clean cut studio style photographs.

Storyteller portraits

This is real life as it’s happening. This style is undirected, I follow you doing something you love in your everyday life. It is taken to help you always be able to remember those people and those things you love doing together.

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    What should you wear?

    One of the biggest things to plan with your photographer, aside from the location, is “What the heck are we going to wear?” And trust me, it’s worth putting a little time and thought into this because freaking out at hubby for wearing his “only clean top” 5 minutes before you have to leave won’t set you up with the good vibes you’ll want for the rest of the session. So here are a few pointers to help you decide

    • Be comfortable! Not trackies comfortable, but a family photo shoot should be a relaxed and happy event. 
    • Think about what works best for you and your surroundings at your chosen location. Beaches aren’t great for stilettos, but most mothers also don’t want the big family photo on the wall to be in their bikini either.
    • Coordinate, but don’t match – it’s not a rule to all wear the same white top! Keeping all in light or all in dark tones is a great way to coordinate without it looking like a uniform. One pro-tip is to start with mum – if she wants to wear her favourite floral dress pull the different colours from it and build the rest of the family’s outfits from there.
    • Your faces are more important than the labels you are wearing, so avoid logos or heavy patterns.
    • Make time to get yourself beautiful. The memories your photos record will be very special to your children so making sure you feel your best is important. Getting your hair and makeup done professionally or making sure you give yourself the time to do it means you won’t have to regret that wet mum bun later.   
    • Be YOU! Capture yourself and your relationships as they are today. Wear and bring items that make you and your family feel good and those happy feelings will show in your photos. Your baby boy’s security teddy that he never parts with? Bring it. Grandma loves calla lilies? Pick some up on the way to the session. Your 2 year old girl that loves wearing tutus with dirt bike boots? Let her wear them. This is what makes your family one-of-a-kind! 

    Make thoughtful choices and don’t forget to discuss your ideas with your photographer!

    Why others have said they chose me as their photographer

    I don’t do standard portraits, I photograph portraits with feeling, engagement and humour.

    Every session is tailored to each whanau.

    My products are only made by Professional Photography Printers.

    I come to your chosen location.

    I provide “Old School” top customer service.

    I’m not average at all types of photography I specialize in whanau.

    My commitment to Excellence.

    I want to give you more then you expect.

    The Experience

    Once you are booked in for your portrait session we take the time to discuss locations, clothing, what you want from your session and who you want to be photographed with. I like to get to know what makes you unique so I can showcase your personality in your photographs. On the day of your session when we arrive at your chosen location we’ll take a few minutes to get to know eachother and make sure you can relax in my company while running through the plan I’ve custom made for our time together. Bring along some water and a snack encase you would like to pause for a moment to enjoy our surroundings, sessions last from 30 mins-2 hours so please make sure you free up time for the later so you can have the best experience possible.

    Within 7 working days your gallery will be ready to view online for 1 week so you can take the time to decide on your favourites and share with friends and family if you wish. No pushy sales here, you decide how you want your photos displayed and I just make that dream come true! Once your order and full payment is recieved work on your photographs begins and you will receive your family story within 6 weeks or a little longer for albums, frames and canvas. You may pay by cash, bank transfer ,credit card or discuss an installment plan if required.

    When should you do it?

    Honestly ANYTIME. Don’t wait till you lose 10kg, or till your daughter graduates or till your next family gathering. There is so many people I’ve loved and lost that I wish I had more beautiful photographs of so unless you are doing a Maternity and Newborn session then just make time now so you never regret putting it off.

    Maternity Sessions are best between 32-36 weeks depending on how you are carrying, this time is preferred as you tend to have a nice round bump but aren’t to tired and swollen yet.

    Newborn Sessions are best at 6-10days if you want those sleepy curly naked photos, but it’s never to late to just capture them as they are at any stage in life they will always be your babies.

    Choose a time of day where most people in the shoot are at their best, for example most children are best at 10am, so it might be a good reason for a day or morning wagging school and work. And make time to enjoy the experience sessions can last betyween 1-3 hours so bring along some snacks make some real memories together to remember when you look back on your photos.

    Your Investment

    What you spend really all depends on what you are wanting. Some of my clients are just looking for one small portrait to add to a lifetime collection that exists on their wall and will spend $200, whilst others will spend several hundred or thousands celebrating their most special moments and their unique whanau stories.

    All prints,canvases, boxes and albums are produced through Queensberry New Zealand. Queensberry is only available for professional photographers, their products last for generations and are carefully made to the highest quality.

    There are no pushy sales here and no hidden costs, all the information is available here to make an informed decision and custom sizes or finishes can be tailored to exactly what you want.

    Feel free to call for a no obligation chat and ask any questions you have over the phone 0226419587.